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Software Development

Softnet maintains and develops several of its own products as well as many user systems. A large part of our success has been in the development of PC/Mainframe Integration technologies and the development of operating tools such as Doddle. Doddle is a visual development tool for achieving rapid application development and portability across a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. It has been used extensively in many countries around the world for more than a decade.

Another notable Softnet success story is our Unisys Terminal Emulator. UTE is probably the most user-friendly Unisys terminal currently available for Microsoft Windows, DOS and OS/2 environments. UTE supports synchronous and asynchronous serial connections and most of the major network topologies, providing accurate terminal emulations for the TD830, ET1100 and T27 terminals. UTE currently has an installed base of 12 000 users across South Africa, including the Nedcor banking group, the University of South Africa and provincial and national government.

Softnet's skills have historically been based in the networking, communications and banking arenas, using tools like Assembler, C, C++ and Pascal. Over the last several years we have expanded our development strategy extensively, to encompass Rapid Applications Development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, .Net, Delphi, SQL, Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Lotus Notes and Domino.

From our earliest days Softnet has been developing specialised front-end banking software for South Africa's major banks, including Standard Bank, First National Bank, the ABSA group, Bank of Athens, ACB, the SA Reserve Bank and Habib Overseas Bank. The team has successfully developed, implemented and maintained more than 30 applications for the Nedcor group. In fact, it would be fair to say that today nearly every bank in South Africa uses Softnet software in some form or another.

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