Mission & History

At Softnet we put our proven expertise in computers and software to work for our clients. We solve business problems by bridging the gap between business processes and computers. Softnet creates original software and adapts commercial software to our clients' specific needs, and we integrate software seamlessly into existing business systems. It is our aim to affect an efficient transition for our clients from traditional business practices into e-commerce. Softnet's creed is to build software that works, and that keeps working. In that way we ensure that our clients stay at the cutting edge of developing computer technology.

Based in Johannesburg, Softnet is one of South Africa's leading developers of business software. Softnet has been coming up with software solutions since the earliest days of the personal computer and the company has grown along with the new technology, adapting all the time and rising to the inevitable challenges presented by every new idea. Doug Hancock, the current CEO, started Softnet in 1983, bringing 14 years of computer experience to the new venture. Today our integrated team of highly qualified and experienced individuals can reach into every conceivable field of PC technology.

Working Together

Softnet has international partnerships with Lotus, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Visa. Our membership of the IBM Business Partner - Software Programme (IBM Software Programme) and our Advanced Level membership of the IBM/Lotus Business Partner Programme enables us to stay on the cutting edge of computer technology. As members we automatically receive all the latest IBM and Lotus software and we keep updating our skills by attending training programs and through demonstrations and seminars online and via satellite. We also benefit from international support in marketing and sales, as well as ongoing technical support online. Our association with Visa allows Softnet to stay on the cutting edge of smart card technology, which is becoming increasingly important in e-Business.

Looking Forward

Softnet's experience in the development of software for the banking industry has honed the team's skills in other technologies, such as encryption (DES and RSA), magnetic cards, smart cards, EMV, cash dispensing or counting units, and internet security.

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